The Hype is Real For Forces of Destiny!

Earlier today, Disney and Lucasfilm released an extended look at the anticipated short series, Forces of Destiny including many exciting first looks into the series with characters such as Sabine, Leia, Padme, Rey, Ahsoka, Jyn, Anakin, and Yoda! We now also have a release date and it’s much closer thank you think!

Forces of Destiny will premiere on July 3rd and on Disney Channel on July 9th! At Star Wars Celebration Orlando this year, we were promised character crossovers we have yet to see between the strongest heroines in the Star Wars universe and today’s trailer gives us that first glance!

One of the cooler parts of the trailer to me is the clip between Leia and Sabine as Sabine is assisting Leia escape what looks like an Imperial installation of some kind filled with explosions from our favorite Mandalorian demolitions expert! Additionally, Leia’s story on Endor as she meets the village of Ewoks is explored as she is shown saving the villagers from stormtroopers.

Padme also, quite literally, swings into action against an assailant that resembles the Changling bounty hunter, Zam Wessel from Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Jyn Erso also debuts in the trailer doing what she does best and causing trouble for the Empire.

However, what is arguably the most exciting part of this teaser, Ahsoka returns! I can never get enough of Ahsoka’s story and if the teaser is any indicator, Forces of Destiny will deliver a lot of new story about Ahsoka.

I am particularly excited to see what transpires in the quick scene between Yoda and Ahsoka as Yoda gives her back her braid representing her status as padawan, a call back to the Clone Wars arc where Ahsoka is banished from the Jedi Order after being framed for crimes she did not commit.

Overall, I am immensely excited for this new series and cannot wait for July 3rd!!

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