ThinkGeek Celebrates Force Friday II with New Star Wars Merchandise!

Force Friday II weekend is in full swing and ThinkGeek has unveiled some really cool new Star Wars merchandise to add to your likely already long list of must-have’s! ThinkGeek has revealed two new products: the Star Wars Galactic necklace and Star Wars Wampa Cave snow globe.

“The Star Wars Galactic necklace highlights some of the more famous planets from a galaxy far, far away…. Looking at the necklace straight on, at the farthest left we start with a few Core Worlds (Coruscant and Alderaan) and then we move off into the Outer Rim Territories, including a few of everybody’s favorite moons, an asteroid belt, and, of course, the Death Star. This comes in a lovely box, ready to gift, with a key inside the lid.”

“A Hoth snow globe just makes sense. This Star Wars Wampa Cave snow globe created by our GeekLabs team is magnificent. It perfectly captures the tense atmosphere of the cave scene, while still being a flippin’ snow globe with amazing detail. Watch the snow gently settle around Luke in what looks like a hopeless situation then shake again to reveal the hidden lightsaber hilt.”


Personally, I am in love with the Hoth snow globe. That scene was always one of my favorite in Empire Strikes Back and to see it become a charming holiday snow globe depicting a scene of horror and triumph is nothing short of impressive. The Force is strong with the Galactic necklace, too! With an entire galaxy around your neck, your power and influence will pale in comparison to the Emperor himself…or you can just feel fancy while representing your favorite fandom. We won’t judge.

Check out all of ThinkGeek’s Force Friday sale here and let us know which product from ThinkGeek you are most excited for!

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