THAT’S NO MOON: TIE Silencer Box Art Leaves Fans Confused

On Force Friday, we saw the official release of The Last Jedi merchandise and many first looks for the film. Although most of the reveals were exciting, one toy’s box art left a lot of fans confused and even frustrated.

Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer toy became interesting for a different reason on Force Friday when Twitter user @StarWarsRadar noticed something odd about the box art for the toy.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you and that’s no moon! A completed Death Star shows up directly behind Kylo’s personal TIE Silencer. How can this be? We know that the last Death Star was destroyed orbiting above the Forest Moon of Endor suffering a crippling blow of “Emperor to the Reactor” and we know the First Order’s attempt at a version of the Death Star, Starkiller Base, was destroyed by the end of The Force Awakens, so has the First Order not learned from their previous mistakes and built Death Star IV? Not likely. We now defer to Pablo Hidalgo, Creative Executive at Lucasfilm:

Even though a completed Death Star looming behind the TIE Silencer of Kylo Ren is an odd design choice, I don’t believe this hints to any story choice in The Last Jedi. In short, there is no need to rage at the gates of Lucasfilm and there is no Death Star IV (thank the maker). The presence of the Death Star could be just stock imaging of some sort or the designer was unconscious during this stage of the design process. We may never know.

The Dreadnought warship is more likely to be source of the First Order’s current enforcement of “order” around the galaxy with the massive orbital autocannons dealing some pretty devasting blows to any unfortunate Resistance installations.

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Has the First Order built Death Star IV and covered the exhaust ports? What’s the First Order up to? Are you excited for The Last Jedi? Let us know what you think!

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