THE LAST JEDI: Ach-To May Be Closer Than We Think!

The Force Awakens naturally left us with more questions than answers. The questions of Rey’s parentage and the true identity of Supreme Leader Snoke have been at the center of New Canon discussion since the movie’s release in 2015. Now, one very dedicated fan has potentially translated the Aurebesh on the Map to Luke Skywalker potentially revealing the true, and not so remote, location of Grumpy Uncle Luke’s current stomping grounds, Ach-To. Check out the video below as we discuss what this could mean for The Last Jedi and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Danny White

Husband, Dog-dad, and lover of all things Star Wars (yes, all)! I enjoy travelling to far off worlds, fighting alongside Anakin in the Clone Wars, and being a Rebel. I love to write and create awesome!

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